Simply Removing the Mildew Smell from Carpets


Although you prepare for them, floods can happen to any home. Whether it be caused from rivers over-flowing, or your two year old daughter flushes something in the toilet that doesn’t belong. Once they happen, many are left with the lingering presence of the mildew smell. While the carpet may look and feel dry, it could still be housing moisture, which mildew and molds thrive on.

In order to remove mildew smell from a carpet, you need to make sure the floor is completely dry. Sometimes, this can prove to be quite difficult if the padding, or even the floor boarding is housing the moisture.

There are many ways to attempt drying of the area. Some involve wet/dry vacuums, while others have techniques with a simple towel. All have the same goal…the area needs to be dry.

clean carpet A common way to remove the mildew smell from the carpet is to concoct a mixture of two cups of water, two cups of vinegar, and one cup of baking soda. When mixed, these components make for a decent mildew cleaning solution when scrubbed into the carpet. Once the area is scrubbed with the anti-mildew agent, you’ll want to sprinkle a fair amount of baking soda over the area of the rug.

When it is dry, vacuum the area with your normal vacuum. Afterwards, some people even spray a fine mist of natural vanilla over the area to increase the effect of removing the mildew smell.

Although the component measurements vary depending on where you get your information from, the basic ingredients are the same: vinegar, baking soda, and water. The best method would be to prevent the flooding, or liquid damage in the first place, but life happens.

Another method is the use of Borax. It is said that Borax kills mold and utilizing it like a carpet powder will help kill the mold.

Once sprinkled on the affected area, walk across it, or otherwise ensure the particles go into the carpet. If you don’t have a mold problem, Borax in the padding will ensure it doesn’t become one. Once the Borax is sufficiently seeped into the carpet, simply vacuum the area.

Regardless of what method you use, molds need to be addressed as soon as you discover a problem. The wrong kinds of molds can cause anything from hay-fever like allergies, to migraines, to acute sicknesses that could hospitalize a person. If any liquids are ever spilled on your carpeted areas, make sure you get them cleaned up as soon as possible before they become a nuisance, or even a hazard.

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