Mold Smell In House


If you have noticed a musty or pungent odor in your home mold may be the cause. Mold can form in places around you home that you never notice or see. It could be hiding under your wallpaper or deep within the wall of your home. You might even be living with mold and never realize it until it starts affecting the health of your family.

Mold is made of tiny microorganisms called bioaerosols that can act like viruses or bacteria and cause infection or sever allergic reaction. It can be a dangerous factor and even deadly if left untreated.

If someone in your home has a cold or pneumonia then mold could be the cause. Being aware of the signs of mold might help you avoid this deadly situation.

The mold smell in house or mildew smell is the best sign. It is often described as a foul musky smell that often grows over time. It might be in a certain area of the house or all over depending on what is causing the mold. SinceĀ mold or mildew only need a continuous moisture supply to thrive it is likely to start in a bathroom. clean home

This may make the smell a bit harder to determine because of pre-existing smells. So paying close attention to constant smells in places like your bathroom, laundry room or kitchens is key to avoiding mold or mildew.

Sight is another way to watch for mold especially in bathrooms and basements. Basements are the perfect place for mold to grow in damp dark areas. Be sure to check your basement if it stays damp and try to seal it to avoid this danger. Mold and mildew is easily spotted in most cases if it is out in the open because it is usually black and gooey looking.

The last sign is the health of those who live in the house. Constant colds or allergies might be a sign of a house full of mold. Other health symptoms include listless, long lasting congestion and eyes that water but not limited to these. If you feel different or sickly at home but better when you leave you home mold or mildew might be the reason.

If you have noticed some of these signs or suspect that you might have a mold or mildew problem take action now. Don’t wait until you and your family’s health is in danger. Even if you are not sure it is best to get a professional opinion rather than take chances with your health.

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