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Mildew smell is not only unpleasant, it can also lead to health problems due to both mold and mildew growth. Getting rid of mildew smell in towels or clothing, on furniture, in carpet or other areas can be difficult. But there are some great household remedies that can save you expensive cleaning bills while eliminating the troublesome odor.

When it comes to towels and clothing there are a few adjustments you can make to your washing routine that can make the difference between a mildew smell and that spring fresh scent you are looking for. To start you should try a washer cleaner to eliminate any lingering mildew that could be hiding in the washing machine.

Next, baking soda can be added in your washing machine along with the usual detergent. Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, has alkaline properties that make it a great odor remover. For the more pungent cases try using high heat water as well. Another remedy for getting rid of mildew smell in clothing or towels is vinegar.

When washing with vinegar do not use any other detergent or fabric softener. Simply wash the items again after using the vinegar as you normally would. Hanging clothes outside in the sun can also aid in removing mildew odors.

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Mildew smells in furniture can be particularly persistent. In lieu of throwing away your furnishings try steam cleaning with an added oxidizer. Household furniture rarely gets a good cleaning and using a product like Oxiclean or even bleach (sodium hypocrite) will help kill the odor as well as removing dirt and other particulate.

A good method for drying furniture after cleaning is to sun dry. Not only will this dry your furniture but sunlight will also kill bacteria that might still be present on the surface. Be careful not to leave in the sun too long as it can have an unwanted bleaching effect on darker colors.

Steam cleaning with oxidizers, baking soda, or even vinegar are all good tips for carpets as well. However, the culprits behind the mildew odors can hide within the carpet pad, in the baseboards, or between the carpet and floor. Additionally, after a thorough cleaning the mildew can come back if the carpet is not dried properly.

Use towels and rags to remove as much of the moisture as possible after cleaning. You can also try renting a large, high-speed fan to completely dry your carpet after cleaning.

Getting rid of mildew smell can be tedious and frustrating but there are solutions to most problem areas. Using these household remedies should help you alleviate the issues. Unfortunately there are some instances where replacement is the only prescription for your mildew ills.

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